Parker Design Group, Inc. is your trusted partner in civil engineering. Serving Virginia and North Carolina, we offer project oversight and expertise in surveying and stormwater projects.  As your partner, we will guide your project from initial concept to final product, providing a complete set of plans for construction along with professional support and guidance every step of the way.

VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial

Veterans and Athletes United is a Richmond area non-profit that provides assistance to veterans. Parker Design Group helped with surveying, engineering and permitting for the Fallen Heroes Memorial project. The memorial is constructed from dog tags of all our fallen soldiers since 9/11. Its home base is the VAU retreat in Chesterfield County but it travels all over the country.

Crosspointe Church

Parker Design Group was selected to develop the site plan and provide surveying services for this community based project. The goal was to work closely with the building committee, while providing them with a plan that met local guidelines. This goal was achieved by providing them with site plans that were reviewed and approved very quickly by Franklin County authorities ensuring the project stayed on its schedule.

Dynax America

Dynax America has been a major industrial manufacturer in the Botetourt community for many years, and Parker Design Group has been proud to partner with them on several projects including a parking lot design, a site design for their 144,000 square feet building addition, a security site plan, utility investigation, boundary line adjustments, construction stake-out, topographic survey, as-built surveys, and construction site stormwater inspection and management.


Parker Design Group has been fortunate to work with several YMCA organizations across the state, each with their own project requirements. The YMCA of Greater Richmond requested that we design an additional parking area for the YMCA downtown facility by adding several small parcels together. Parker Design Group worked closely with the client to provide them with the civil design and landscape design that gave them the end product that they were looking for. We worked with the YMCA of Salem to design a site plan for a 15,000-square foot addition while ensuring ADA access to the building.

Homestead Creamery

The Homestead Creamery experienced a significant growth in business and found that their current infrastructure was inadequate. Their expansion consisted of a 20,000 square-foot building addition, a truck staging/parking area, and utility expansion on their 30 acre site. Parker Design Group provided all of the site work planning, including the grading, erosion and sediment control, as well as all stormwater and wastewater treatment improvements. These improvements included a new 8 acre drain field. Additional services included rezoning, surveying, engineering, utility design, and construction site stormwater inspection and management.


Koppers is an industrial processing plant on 100 acres of land located adjacent to the Roanoke River in Salem, Virginia. They primarily focus on treating railroad ties and utility poles with products to increase their durability. Due to new regulations, they needed to expand their facility. During preliminary site investigation, it was discovered that they had significantly soft soils. In order to provide the stability needed for these large stacks of ties and poles, the design incorporated a layer of geogrid across the site topped with compacted stone. Parker Design Group provided site planning, construction site and topographic surveying, and stormwater master planning to ensure the site was in compliance with stormwater regulations for current projects and future growth.

Buckland south

Parsell and Ziegler General Contractors, Inc. approached Parker Design Group with a goal of creating a single family subdivision in Roanoke County that maximized lot size. Our planning efforts identified site challenges and created solutions for the sanitary sewer service and overall stormwater management for the development. The final design consisted of 30 lots on a little over 7 acres within a profitable construction budget. Parker Design Group provided site planning, construction site and topographic surveying, construction administration, and as-built surveys.

Family Dollar

Parker Design Group worked on 20 Family Dollar Retail developments across Virginia, in numerous localities. These developments are typically located in rural areas where infrastructure and boundary information is limited. This lack of information has afforded us an opportunity to get creative with the engineering design. Several proposed store locations did not have the stormwater infrastructure needed to handle the new stormwater requirements. Our engineers were able to design systems that complied with new regulations without taxing the client’s budget. In addition, we have re-established the boundary with extensive research and field surveying due to lost and/or inaccurate information.


Parker Design Group has provided engineering and surveying services for 19 McDonald’s Restaurants across Virginia. McDonald’s Restaurants have a standard prototype design and site requirements for their projects. Although this is helpful for knowing exactly what the client’s needs are, it sometimes presents unique challenges during the site design to fit everything on the chosen site. In order to serve customers more efficiently, McDonald’s has begun to include a double drive thru in the site layout. This additional space had to be added into already tight site designs while maintaining pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These unique challenges help us to be more creative and work with our clients to make sure we provide them with the required site plans.

Knollwood commons townhomes

SAS Construction asked Parker Design Group to evaluate a 23 acre parcel of land in Blacksburg and design a multi-family residential development geared towards graduate students at Virginia Tech. Parker Design Group services included rezoning, topographic surveying, site engineering, utility design, sanitary sewer and public water analysis, construction surveying and administration, and final as-built surveys.

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